Milk and dairy in Germany – Europe's big marketGeneral Mediacard UK 2023

Digital Mediacard UK 2023



Release date




16 dec 2022

5 dec 2022

Nordic focus issue: Fermentation and alternativee proteins – what is happening?


20 January

9 January  

Focus: Seminar: Resources and energy


17 February

3 February

Focus I: Seminar: Dairy Research 
Focus II: Seminar: Quality in a consumer perspective


17 February

31 January

 Energy and cost optimization in the dairy industry

16 March

3 March

 Matchmaking - find your new dairy specialist


5 April

24 March

Focus: Interplay between milk and plants on the dairy


12 May

28 April



16 June

2 June

Nordic Theme: Ice Cream


18 August

7 August

FMF 50 anniversary / 


22 Sept

6 Sept

 Theme: International Food Contest/hi fair


20 October

6 October

 Milk and dairy in Germany – Europe's big market



17 Nov

3 Nov

Focus: MIA – working environment conference


8 Decr

24  Nov

Nordic theme 


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Circulation: 1.750 copies. Mælkeritidende is published 11 times a year.
Subscription price: Denmark DKK 1.375 a year, Europe DKK 1.625 a year (mail incl.) and Overseas DKK 1.825 (mail incl.). 

Advertisement prices in DKK (ordinary edition):

Front cover: Width: 178 mm x Height: 96 mm

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Logo - all 11 publications - with logo, adress and contact information

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Maelkeritidende – Special Editions
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  • UPDATE – twice weekly, Tuesday and Friday respectively, with a selection of news from our website. 2850 recipients.
  • Notisnytt in Sweden - for the 200 members of Mejeritekniskt Forum. Is sent simultaneously with UPDATE.
  • Dairy Nordic - English newsletter every Monday. Furthermore, we actively use social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn to generate activities of our other media - 250 recipients.

In total, the five weekly newsletters reach out to at least 3300 dairy people - and at least 500 are outside Denmark.

UPDATE – Dairy Nordic - Notissnyt
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1 top banner in UPDATE DKK 4,500.

A total of DKK 11,100.
Discount DKK 2,200

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Supplier listing (one year)
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Sponsored news
Pressrelease which is publiced as regular news at web and in newsletters
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Job adverts
Mælkeritidende offers 3 different models for job adverts. Normally the client will deliver the job advert as a PDF, but we can also be helpful in the preparation.

Basic on-line
The job advert is set on out website under ‘Stillinger’ (jobs).
Period: 4 weeks.
Price 3.900 DKK

Basic on-line with news packages
The basic news package is extended with a news story on visited by 350 dairy people every day. On that account this news story is published in 3 newsletters, UPDATE with 2600 mainly Danish readers, Notisnytt with 200 Swedish readers and Dairy Nordic with 150 readers. It is also published at our social medias, Facebook and LinkedIn
Price: 8.400 DKK

Premium with printed magazine
The job advert is brought in the magazine Mælkeritidende in 1750 copies. This model includes all features in the digital features in ‘Basic on-line with news package’.
½ page: 10.400 DKK
1/1 page : 15.400 DKK

About us

Publisher: Association of MSc in Dairy Science and Technology and Danish Dairy Managers Association.

Readers: Executives at all Danish and several other Nordic dairies, members of the Danish Dairy Managers Association and members of the Association of MSc in Dairy Science and Technology in Denmark and abroad. Dairy advisers and experts at universities, dairy organisations and R&D as well as employees at several other food companies. 

Characterization: Our medias include articles of: Scientific and technical dairy information, dairy research and development results, product information, company profiles, exhibition information, and subjects of relevance for members of the owner associations.

Editorial staff: Chief editor, MSc in Dairy Science & Technology, Anne-Sofi Christiansen, editor, Lars Winther, and sub-editor Jette Rohde. 

Address: Mælkeritidende, Munkehatten 28, 5220 Odense SØ, Denmark, Phone +45 66 12 40 25, Fax +45 66 14 40 26, [email protected]

If you would like more information about Mælkeritidendes special issues, please contact the editorial staff.