Date 2023-09-18 00:00:00

Feed additive to reduce cows’ methane gas production works in practice

Bovaer has been tested for years in laboratories. Arla has now tested Bovaer on 13 high-performance Danish herds, which have reduced methane gas production by 28.4 percent.

Cows’ methane gas emissions are one of the major challenges in milk production. Therefore, Bovaer, developed by Dutch DSM, has been one of the solutions that the industry has set high expectations for following promising laboratory experiments. Now Arla Foods confirms that the expectations from the laboratory experiments actually work in practice. 13 high-performance Danish herds reduced methane gas emissions by 28.4 percent per cow. However, the climate footprint of milk comes from something other than the cow – and measured in relation to the total climate footprint of milk, it is reduced by 15.6 percent. These were the words of Maike Brask, Arla Foods, on the ‘feeding day’ at Herning last week, according to LandbrugsAvisen. 

The treatment did not impact the intake of dry matter or milk yield. Therefore, it will be the price for Bovaer that determines the economics of the powder. The price is DKK 3.00 per cow per day. 

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