Date 2023-05-22 00:00:00

Finnish Valio increases green bonus.

Valio's sustainability bonus program for the group's suppliers has just been updated, as farmers can obtain a new supplement of one euro cent for implementing one of three green measures.

On 1.5.2023, Valio is once again turning up the green elements in the settlement model, as they now add an additional eurocent on top of the basic settlement for green suppliers. Previously, the group had a surcharge of 2 euro cents for various animal welfare measures.

From now on, farms can receive an extra cent per kg. milk to implement measures that support biodiversity, to increase grazing and outdoor activities or specific efforts aimed at reducing the farm's carbon footprint. The farmers themselves can choose which program they want to prioritize.

With the update, allowances contingent on green measures amount to almost 50 million euros annually in Valio.

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