Mælkeritidende is a Danish dairy magazine owned and read by dairy top executives!

Publisher: Association of MSc in Dairy Science and Technology and Association of Dairy Managers and Specialists.

Executives at all Danish and several other Nordic dairies, members of the Danish Dairy Managers Association and members of the Danish Dairy Engineers Association in Denmark and abroad. Dairy advisers and experts at universities, dairy organisations and R&D as well as personal at several other food companies. 

The magazine includes articles of: Scientific and technical dairy information, dairy research and development results, product information, company profiles, exhibition information, and subjects of relevance for members of the owner associations.

Editorial staff:
Chief editor, dairy engineer, Anne-Sofi Christiansen, editor, Lars Winther, News Isabel Sande Frandsen, and sub-editor Jette Rohde.

Address: Mælkeritidende, Munkehatten 28, 5220 Odense SØ, Denmark, Phone +45 66 12 40 25, Fax +45 66 14 40 26, info[at]maelkeritidende[dot]dk,

1.600 copies. Mælkeritidende is published every second Friday - in weeks with even numbers. 

Technique: Offset 80 lin.raster. Size 270 mm high x 185 mm wide. (PDF files ready for print,Mac or PC). 

Subscription price: Denmark DKK 1.375 a year, Europe DKK 1.625 a year (mail incl.) and Overseas DKK 1.825 (mail incl.). 

Deadlines: Advertisements - Wednesday at 12 o’clock in weeks with uneven numbers.

Advertisement prices in DKK:

Front cover: Width: 158 mm x Height: 114 mm

14.900 DKK

Back cover: Width: 125 mm x Height: 270 mm ( add extra +5 mm cutting)

12.700 DKK

1/1 Page: Width: 185 mm x Height: 270 mm (add extra  +5 mm cutting)

15.700 DKK

1/1 Page: Width: 158 mm x Height: 232 mm (inside column)

15.700 DKK

2/3 Page: Width: 104 mm x Height: 232 mm

11.700 DKK

1/2 Page: Width: 158 mm x Height: 114 mm

9.900 DKK

1/3 Page: Width: 158 mm x Height:   74 mm

5.900 DKK

1/4 Page: Width: 158 mm x Height:   54 mm

4.900 DKK

Classified advertisements (price per mm - mm in width):
76 mm: 48,50 DKK incl. colours
158 mm76,50 DKK incl. colours

Web advertisements on
Width: 140 px x height: 350 px. One year: 12.900 DKK. Half year: 6.900 DKK. Three month: 3.900 DKK
Job advertisement on the web: Width: 140 px x height: 350 px. Two weeks just 3.900 DKK!

If you want more information about Mælkeritidendes special issues, please contact the editorial staff.


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